Starting at $18.99/mo

Box of Many Ideas

A customized box of mystery items curated to inspire you to get organized, have fun, and feel good.  If you like it, you may just find it in your Box of Many Ideas.  A mixture of handmade items, beauty products, party items, info on a cause, and more! 

Time to get inspired! 

Box of a Few Ideas ($18.99) contains similar items with less customization, but will give you a taste for the sort of products included in the box. 


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2. Fill It Out

Question cards & surveys give our boxes a personalized touch, but you can happily receive something wonderful every month without them. 

3. Stay Beautiful. Be Organized. Have Fun

 A mix of stationery, beauty products, party items, an idea/cause card, & more will be delivered to your door. Time to get inspired & excited by an ever changing box of many ideas

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There are so many ideas for your box, but we can't share them with you until you get started.