The personalization of the boxes is done through a series of surveys.  After you subscribe, a survey will be mailed to you asking you a series of none intrusive questions about yourself.  An example question is: Do you have sensitive skin? This is an important question because if the answer is yes, it would be better for you if we didn't send you a facial peel. 

Each month or every 3 months, depending on your personal preference, ;) I will send you a survey finding out more about your likes especially if a box requires special information about you. 

Like how you hate mermaids, but love unicorns (seems crazy, but it's a real phenomena). 

Passion Behind It

I started the box during a time in my life that I needed hope.  I needed to see progress in my life, and I needed to heal. So far it has brought me closer to people around me through advice and suggestion.  

I want my creativity to be exposed through these boxes, but I want it expressed more in my day-to-day life as well as my relationships with others.  I have never worked so hard while still having fun in my life, and I hope that shines through in each customized box that is sent out.

Behind Box of Many Ideas

I'm Kathryn, and I'm a silly mom from Southern California.  I came up with the nickname Katajack when a game suggested I name myself Jack.  I added color because I am in love with colors, and I could definitely see myself doing a box just one month on everyone's favorite color.  

That's why it's called the Box of Many Ideas;  the themes and ideas for the box are so vast and never ending.  I want to share the fun of my ideas in the form of a subscription box.